Hidraderm Hyal Facial Cream 50ml


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Maximum-effect moisturizing facial cream thanks to its 3 types of hyaluronic acid. Replenishes surface wrinkles and provides maximum comfort and hydration in the deeper layers of the skin. High tolerance even on the most sensitive skins.

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Hydration is the first and essential step towards young skin since a high-quality moisturizing cream can delay the appearance of the first wrinkles. In the case of Hidraderm Hyal Facial Cream, its 3 types of hyaluronic acid provide hydration x 3. Therefore, it’s ideal for all ages and skin types. Don’t be fooled by its ultra-light texture. Hidraderm Hyal moisturizes much more and better (on the surface and in-depth) than denser textures. So, even if you have dry skin, this is your moisturizing cream!

  •  Face
  •  Airless
  •  Combination Skin
  •  Twice a day
  •  Day and/or night
  •  Cream


  • Intensive, multi-layer hydration.
  • Soft skin, comfort, and even tone.
  • Ultra-light texture and quick absorption.
  • For all skin types and ages.
  • Active ingredients are encapsulated in liposomes to obtain deeper penetration and greater effectiveness.


Apply Hidraderm Hyal Facial Cream to the skin of the face 2 times a day, by gently massaging with fingertips until completely absorbed.


Contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid: free, of high molecular weight; low, and very low molecular weight, encapsulated in liposomes.

14 Customer Review for HIDRADERM HYAL FACIAL CREAM 50ml

  1. Akshita Kapoor

    It’s a very light cream. It feels very rich to put it on clean face and quickly absorbs leaving the skin hydrated and smooth without being greasy. It can be used as a foundation for make-up or at night.

  2. Anisha

    This answers my girl about the product: Good product, good texture and smell, the bottle came in good condition and works very well. it is a brand that works very well on my skin (mixed, sensitive), moisturizes very well and leaves a pleasant sensation on the skin.

  3. Anisha

    It leaves my skin very hydrated and has a sensational smell and texture. It is clear that you do not need to spend money to use a good moisturizer. I recommend it without a doubt.

  4. Muskan Jain

    Leaves skin smooth and hydrated, illuminated and perfect for both a makeup pre-base and before bedtime with freshly washed face. It’s wonderful!

  5. Maryam

    It leaves your skin very good. Quickly absorbs and moisturizes Quite bright.

  6. Manvi

    Good for sensitive skin, and for oily skin. You can use it as primer. I use it regularly no side effects till now. It’s expensive but the results are visible.

  7. Isha

    I’m using it over 2-3 months. You can see a little bit difference, but not much. So take as average quality.

  8. Samra

    Using it for the past few weeks, hence I feel it’s too early to give a verdict. However, its working fine, enhances glow and no breakouts seen! Over all, a good buy!

  9. Manpreet

    The cream absorbs quickly and I usually use it at night…after using it at night it gives a really supple and hydrated skin once u wake up…about the scent it isn’t that strong not mild either…I have a strong sensitivity towards smell but I can bear the scent…overall it’s good…since it has hyaluronic acid in it, it gives a hydrated skin…good for dry skin …no irritation caused.

  10. Ankita Gangwar

    Love this cream, very light on skin and quality is very fine. SESDERMA is a brand specialized in skins of all types, and in particular delicate skins. Recommended by dermatologists.

  11. Anmol

    I have oily skin and as it is summer , longing for something to stop broke out and give fresh look kind of régime .this is perfect lotion for oily skin girls .love the product.

  12. Babita

    Does not cause break outs. Gives a subtle glow. Perfect for morning and nighttime skincare routine. Also, has a mild soothing smell. Surprised to find such a good product at this price.

  13. Aparna

    In love with this one.. Repurchased it for fourth time.. Makes dry skin super soft and dewy.. Use it with wet hands and wash it off after massaging for 10 mins. Cleanses skin really well.. I loved the way it makes my dry skin plump and glowy. So thumbs up!!

  14. Deepthi

    The best moisturiser I’ve ever used. I would like to continue using this moisturiser. Thank you Iberia skinbrands.

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